What is Smudging?

Updated: Apr 15

How and When to cleanse your home/ work spaces.

Ever walked into a room and said aloud, "Ooh, there is a lovely energy in here", almost like the space you entered gave you a big warm hug? Let me also ask you, Have you ever felt the opposite? Where you have felt cold, nervous, almost like you are being watched?

Find out what space clearing secrets and tools I use to clear out the old stale negative energy in the home or Yoga Studio. Read first hand how I managed to protect myself from an unfriendly ghost during a stay at an Air Bnb in Sydney.

Energy de-cluttering

The art of space clearing has been around for thousands of years and a space that has been purified feels better. It can improve stress-related illness, deepen relationships, and create an abundance of prosperity. While many of these ancient traditions have withered in our modern, technology-mad world, there are several who practice this sacred ceremony. You can be one of them too.

When should I do the energy clearing?

  • Before the construction of a new home

  • Before moving house

  • After a misfortune, e.g. illness, divorce, death, losing your job

  • Anytime you need a 'lift.'

  • Before celebrating a rite of passage, Cleanse before bringing home a new baby, the arrival of someone special, a marriage ceremony.

  • New Moon/ Full Moon/ Seasonal Solstice

  • First thing in the morning or before bed, are most beneficial.

Spring Clean We often naturally feel the pull to do a deep spring clean and de-clutter the 'messy drawer'. Spring Solstice represents re-birth and an energetic re-set. And any time you are looking at or setting new personal/ professional goals for the year. Cleanse and purify the energy of yourself and your home too. The perfect re-set tool.

"Imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy." – Marie Kondo, Author of 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'.

Tool Kit

  • Dried Sage wand is also known as a smudge stick you can waft with hand or feathers.

  • Palo Santos, also known as 'Holy Wood', sustainably harvested from Peru, Ecuador, or other parts of South America.

  • Rattles, drums, singing/ sound bowls, chanting, e.g. AUM Sanskrit or Zen Buddhism 'Cho Ku Rei' for protection.

  • Essential Oils to diffuse, such as Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon and rosemary, are all known for purifying and uplifting. I love Doterra oils, but I often find what I am looking for in the chemist.

  • Indian/ Japanese/ incense sticks I'm obsessed with Sai Baba, Satya, Nag Champa $3-$4. Buy at iherb

  • Crystals Amethyst, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz and selenite are all wonderful for energy clearing and protection. If not in the market to buy crystals, then get some fine Himalayan Pink salt from the supermarket that works well too.

A lovely online NZ store I often buy my things from.

Got the gear? Now what?

Set your intention. What would you like to attract into your space? What would you like to remove?

A less overwhelming thing to think about is emotions; remove the tiered, restless/ fatigue or lack of motivation or simply put the negative energy. Inviting in laughter, inner fulfilment and calm or insert the lovely fuzzies you value most, the postive energy.

  • Light your sage stick or palo santo at a 45-degree angle, tip toward the lit match or lighter

  • Allow it to burn for 30 seconds, and then blow it out.

  • Walk to the corners of your space, reach up high and around windows and doorways - the entry point of energy and lightly wave the wand/ stick. Holding your intention in either your mind or saying it aloud for extra power.

  • When finished, place the wand onto a heat-proof surface. I like to use a large shell. If you don't live near the beach, look out for a Paua or an abalone shell in gift shops. A heat-proof plate will work too. (Warning * never leave unattended around children and pets)

Place your crystals by the entryway or window ledge on the coffee table. Perhaps start a little sacred alter in your home, where you can display and keep your precious things. Just be mindful of what crystals you place in your bedroom. I recently slept next to a Quartz crystal, which gave me the craziest/ most weirdest dreams!

Smudge to protect from unfriendly ghosts

Throughout my life, I have had various encounters with ghosts. Ghosts of the friendly, cheeky kind and, unfortunately, some mean and scary kind too. At the beginning of 2019, my family and I stayed at an Air Bnb in Manly, Sydney. The photos on the property's listing showed a cute boho, Bali chic style (that I am a sucker for). I loved the location and the charming character being an older building. But when we arrived, suitcases in hand. We walked through the door, and I instantly got the chills. Firstly, despite it being the most beautiful summer's day, it was super dark- zero natural light, which was my first red flag.

Secondly, the property felt really unloved, with little things like broken door handles and awkward hinges on the windows. Often in an Air BNB, you enjoy the property's quirks and accept them for what they are. But the energy felt off and it had lots of random cold spots throughout. Interestingly, our moods became really irritable and grumpy not long after arriving.

The first night as I put my 2-year-old daughter to bed, I fell asleep with her in the double bed. It was really early, around 7pm. Around 2 am, I woke up (classic, waking early when going to bed at 7 pm). I was tossing and turning, kicking the duvet off as it was hot and stuffy, and I was deep in thought- I may have checked my phone for any notifications, you get the picture. The hall light was on, and there was no one there with me other than my sleeping daughter. When the strongest, loudest, firmest SLAP hit me on my right thigh... I yelled and jumped out of my skin. Nothing had fallen on me...

Just the average Ghost smacking me on the leg situation. It left a red mark and the most unbearable stinging sensation. I didn't sleep a wink for the rest of the night. The next day, after explaining what had happened to my sceptic hubby. I hit up the nearest crystal shop I could find. Bought some Quartz Crystals and a dried sage smudging wand and went to town on inviting in positive/ protective energy to keep that mean old Ghost at bay! The rest of the stay was fine. There were no more bumps in the night, but it was a huge relief to hand the keys back.

Happy Energy Cleansing!

Now that you know how much I love a good smudging session and that Ghosts seem to love to freak me out when on holiday. I hope you feel empowered on how to cleanse yourself or your own space anytime you feel you need a natural 'lift'.

Thanks for reading.

Sophie xox

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