Stunning-structural candle decor piece, for your home or work space. These candles offer an Art Deco aesthetic and provide a mesmerising burn for that special occasion. Always burn on a wax proof tray or plate.


• 500 grams of soy wax

• White

• 6 hours burn time

• Fragrance option available


* Unlike the traditional pillar candles, our Column Pillar candles can be leaky when burning.  A flat, steady plate or candle dish is always recommended for underneath. If the wax is dripping too much, simply blow the candle out and wait until the leaked wax has slightly solidify. Scoop up the wax and place it back in the candle, blocking the leak holes. Wait until the wax has completely harden, trim the wick and relight. This will make the burning time longer.


Candle Care

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